Avoid Distracted Driving or Pay the Price

Give 100 percent of your attention to driving to decrease the likelihood of an accident while drivingEvery time you get behind the wheel, you take a risk of putting yourself or your car riders in danger.  The same goes for those in other cars on the road.  While this isn’t a very common way to state things, it is a very real thing to remember.  This is all to say that distracted driving is real and can cause serious, permanent damage or harm to you and all those around you.  There is a reason why distracted driving carries such heavy fines, after all!

What is distracted driving?

Thankfully, this is as simple as it sounds.  Distracted driving is when you are doing something that divides your attention while driving.  This can slow your reaction time, make it easier to miss something on the road in front of you, and more.  Distracted driving could be something as simple as fiddling with the radio, checking your phone notifications, or dealing with a free-roaming pet in the car.

How can you avoid distracted driving?

The good news is that there are quite a few ways that you can avoid distracted driving because all you have to do is eliminate distractions!  This doesn’t mean you can’t have those “distractions” in the vehicle with you, but rather, keep them from being distractions when you put your car into gear.  Here’s how:

Keep your pets containedEnsure your pet is secure in your car for their safety and yours

You love your pet and want to allow them the freedom to roam around the vehicle as you’re driving.  However, this puts them and you at risk of an accident.  Pets should be secured in the car using a pet seatbelt or in a size-appropriate crate that, too, should be seat belted in place to keep it secure, and them safe.

Don’t even think about your phone

We all love to be on our phones and texting or checking notifications as often as possible.  However, it’s so dangerous when you are driving.  Even if you think that you can drive without distractions, ignore that thought.  Just assume that your phone is the worst thing ever (only for the time that you are driving).  If you can, put it somewhere where you can’t even reach it from the driver’s seat.

Check all of your essentials before you leave

This could be anything from mirror adjustments to adjusting the temperature to choosing the playlist, etc.  Do everything you can before you leave your spot.  The same goes for GPS or any other device you need to get you where you’re going.

Be ready to drive

Drowsiness and eating or drinking behind the wheel are also examples of distracted driving.  These are simple enough to fix by only driving when alert and pulling over if that changes.  And eating or drinking before you leave or after you get to your destination.

Distracted driving is a big problem in our modern distraction-rich world and is the cause for so many casualties and accidents in the US.  However, you can still prioritize safety by educating yourself on distracted driving and how to avoid it.  Not only will it keep you safe, but it will also prevent you from getting a distracted driving ticket that could easily have been avoided!

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