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Texas “Winter” Precautions to Review for your Home

As the “colder” Texas months approach (and I use that term loosely) it’s important that we stay warm. The blazing hot summer has passed, so our air conditioning units now have a much needed reprieve from the overtime they have had to work and we begin to enjoy our cooling weather, pumpkin spices and changing leaves, or rather falling leaves… Read more

Changes to Your Car Insurance when Kids are Off to College

Now that the kids are off to college we’ve traded in our SUVs for sportsters. We’ve finally been on that romantic get-away to Aspen or we begin to celebrate the empty nest. Let’s stop for a second and think about something even more exciting; car insurance! Assuming your child hasn’t permanently moved into a dorm, they are still legally considered… Read more

Renters Insurance for College Students

Well, it’s that exciting time of year again when the kids go back to college. When our little birds leave their nests that have been fashioned with all the finest parental comforts, and off they go to their dorm rooms and unwashed clothing and cafeteria foods. While our children are relatively safe on college campuses, there are some things still… Read more

Hurricane & Storm Prep Shopping

In League City we pride ourselves on knowing how to prepare for storms. For all of us that remember Hurricane Ike, we remember being without power and roads being blocked. Those of us who were effected worse may remember our homes and cars being flooded. What the large majority of us don’t remember is losing loved ones. Hurricane Ike was… Read more

Get a Home Insurance Quote BEFORE the Offer

Home Insurance? Purchasing a Home? The cost of insurance can be a big factor in the affordability of buying a home and eliciting a positive experience.  First thing we like to do with our clients is to get a homeowner’s insurance quote before they make an offer on a home. This will provide a little more insight on the house.  For example:… Read more