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Perks of Knowing Your Insurance Agent

Do you know those commercials that say they can give you an insurance quote in just ten minutes?  As nice as it sounds to have this task of finding insurance over and done with as quickly as possible, this is not the most helpful way to get insurance when you actually have a claim.  Most people do not find having to… Read more

Jewelry, Watches and Furs, Oh My!

Coverage for Jewelry Watches and Furs is limited on the Texas Homeowners policy.  Most standard policies only cover $500.00 for the Theft of these items. If the entire house burns down, all your items are covered subject to the terms of the policy like contents limits.  However, for Theft Only you should purchase additional coverage if you have lots of… Read more

What To Do in Case of a Car Accident?

No one likes getting into a car accident and you can never plan for it enough. Not only can it damage your car but a car accident can injure you, ruin your day and cost you money. Here is a list of a few things you should NEVER do after an auto accident. Never Leave the Scene Always stop and… Read more

Insurance is Only One of Four Methods to Manage Risk

Buying insurance only covers a portion of the risk management puzzle.  There are actually four methods in which to manage risk. The four methods to manage risk are avoidance, reduction, transfer and retention. Avoidance is the removal of the potential exposure or Hazard. An example is homeowner liability claims from dog bites. If you don’t want to be sued from… Read more

Hurricane Preparedness

August and September are the Atlantic Hurricane Season when the waters really heat up and we see the bulk of storm activity.  We never know the exact location of where the most damage will be seen but the point is to know what to do in the situation and be as prepared as you possibly can.  Here are some helpful… Read more