Business Insurance

Business Insurance – How I’m Different

business insurance to protect your company assetsThere are various different types of Business Insurance and that will largely depend upon the type of business you have, whether you work from a home office or rent/own space in an office building, if you have employees, whether clients/patients/customers come to your office and many many other factors.

The best way to determine what you may need or what you should cover is to have a conversation with Paula Smith Insurance and discuss your business, how your office runs, what concerns you may have and then discuss the risks you have and how best to cover them.  Having a personal agent, who’s on your side, can make the world of difference.

Here’s a look at a variety of the coverages we offer.

  • For Pet Services including Veterinarians – we offer Animal Bailee coverage up to $100,000
  • For Medical Offices – we offer spoilage coverage for medical supplies that must be refrigerated
  • Restaurant Packages – can avoid the 72 waiting period for business interruption with Utility Services coverage that has only an 8 hour waiting period
  • One of the few carriers that offers tenant glass coverage that also covers the frame
  • We accept business condos
  • Liquor Liability for restaurants – no need for a separate policy
  • Claims in house – no independent adjustors
  • For Contractors – we do not charge extra for additional insured or certificates
  • Monthly billing directly to the carrier, no premium financing is needed for installment payments
  • Multi line discounts for businesses that also have Business Auto and Workers Compensation
  • Employers Liability and Cyber Liability available as additions to the policy – no separate coverage needed

Please let us know how we can help you. We offer no hassle consultations and have no problem telling you that what you have is enough coverage, as we just want to be a resource for you. Contact us today!