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Hurricane & Storm Prep Shopping

In League City we pride ourselves on knowing how to prepare for storms. For all of us that remember Hurricane Ike, we remember being without power and roads being blocked. Those of us who were effected worse may remember our homes and cars being flooded. What the large majority of us don’t remember is losing loved ones. Hurricane Ike was… Read more

Hurricane Preparedness

August and September are the Atlantic Hurricane Season when the waters really heat up and we see the bulk of storm activity.  We never know the exact location of where the most damage will be seen but the point is to know what to do in the situation and be as prepared as you possibly can.  Here are some helpful… Read more

Homeowners Insurance Can Have Special Challenges

Home Insurance in places such as Kemah, Tx can be challenging because of the specialized risk that comes with living in this beautiful coastal community.   Most Home Insurance policies will NOT cover you for Windstorm, Hurricane, Hail or Flood which are all needed coverages in this bayside area. Be sure you are working with a local agent who is familiar… Read more

Windstorm, Hurricane and Hail Insurance in Galveston Co.

Windstorm, Hurricane and Hail are excluded from most homeowner’s insurance policies in Galveston County. Windstorm coverage is obtained by a separate policy that covers only these perils.  It’s very important to work with an agent that understands the specialized nature of coastal areas and can provide solutions to these risks.   Major carriers exclude Windstorm Hurricane and Hail in our area… Read more