Changes to Your Car Insurance when Kids are Off to College

insurance review when kids go back to collegeNow that the kids are off to college we’ve traded in our SUVs for sportsters. We’ve finally been on that romantic get-away to Aspen or we begin to celebrate the empty nest. Let’s stop for a second and think about something even more exciting; car insurance!

Assuming your child hasn’t permanently moved into a dorm, they are still legally considered members of your household and so we don’t have to remove them from your auto policy. However; if they are on campus without their car you can make some changes to your policy that will give you a special rating. If they are on campus with their car then we have to rate the car in that zip code since that is the area they will be using their automobile in.

Now, what was just mentioned only applies to children going to college in the state of Texas. If your child has the opportunity of attending a University outside of Texas (such as Harvard or Yale) then you may actually save money by finding them a policy in the state they are attending school in (Massachusetts or Connecticut, respectively).

One last thing to mention; no matter where they go, if they are there with their vehicle it is a good idea to maximize their towing and roadside assistance. Road side assistance covers things such as: towing (obviously), changing of tires, running out of gas, jump starts for dead batteries, and locking the keys in the car.

Should you need a review of your auto insurance policy, let Paula Smith Insurance take a look at your coverage and any recent life style changes to be sure you are completely covered but not wasting money on coverage you don’t need.  Give us a call at (281) 488-8880 for a free quote or review today.

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