Hurricane & Storm Prep Shopping

hurricane and storm preparationIn League City we pride ourselves on knowing how to prepare for storms. For all of us that remember Hurricane Ike, we remember being without power and roads being blocked. Those of us who were effected worse may remember our homes and cars being flooded. What the large majority of us don’t remember is losing loved ones.

Hurricane Ike was roughly the same size as Katrina and caused nearly as much financial damage. What made it the most different was that it didn’t damage our loved ones. That’s because we were prepared at the City and State level. Still I wonder how many of us were prepared in our homes. When the power went out and the wind started howling and the rain started pouring, could we have prepared better?For most of us the answer is ‘yes’.

What we need to be better prepared

Many of us are not survivalists after all. We should have a week’s supply of ready to eat non-perishable foods and five gallons of water per person, disposable plates and utensils and cups, and a hand operated can-opener. Our prescriptions should be filled and our first aid kits should be handy.

Everyone in the house needs a flashlight with extra batteries and a waterproof matches and to be sanitary a non-scented bleach. Extra smoke detector batteries, a fire extinguisher, sunscreen and insect repellent are also essential. For hygiene always have hand sanitizer, toilet paper and paper towels, disinfectant wipes, trash bags, travel soaps, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

If you have a baby be sure to stock up on formula, bottles and powdered milk, diapers, baby wipes and a rash ointment.

For all my fellow pet owners, have a week’s supply of pet food and water,  a carrier and an extra leash, pet medications , a photo of your beloved (in case of separation), a pet bed and toys.

It’s impossible to get through a major tropical storm or hurricane comfortably. But making sure you are stocked up on the essentials can make your time spent without power, running water and electricity much easier. It could perhaps even save your life.

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