Flood Insurance

flood insurance in galveston county, texasWe live in a unique area.  The Texas Gulf Coast and the Bay Area used to be underwater.  That’s right, this flat coastal plain at one point was part of the Gulf of Mexico.  Coastal residents have a unique risk of flooding and rising water which is not always a threat to other Texans.

Our FEMA managed National Flood Insurance Program is just as necessary today as it was 40 years ago.   There is not a private market that would be willing to provide this coverage.    Why you ask?  Well, simply put – people that are the most at risk to flood are the only consumers who purchase flood insurance.  What that means to us in the Texas Gulf Coast is that there is no large group paying for the losses of a few.

There is nothing stopping private insurance companies from offering flood insurance outside the National Flood Insurance Program, but they have chosen not to.   Lawmakers have subsidized high risk property owners for years through the FEMA program, so to actually charge what it would cost to pay claims from massive flooding would be unaffordable.   I can understand why people in the mountains of Colorado would not want their government dollars paying for flood insurance subsidy’s to the wealthy beach house owner.

The simple truth is that it’s not the wealthy who need this coverage, it’s refinery and ship channel workers; it’s nurses and teachers and firefighters and it’s the hard working people who live and support their families on the Texas Gulf Coast.   Even if you are not in what’s considered the High Risk Area, risk of rising water or tidal surge could still completely destroy your home.

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