recreational vehicle insurance, travel trailer insOn the Texas Gulf Coast many people have very large Motor Homes or Travel Trailers both referred to as Recreational Vehicles to enjoy our waterfront and inland areas.  These units are expensive to purchase and maintain.  A good comprehensive insurance policy to protect your investment is very reasonable in cost.

Some people think these Recreational vehicles are similar to cars.  You don’t see many cars caring 100 pounds of LP gas, 300 gallons of water and up to 200 gallons of wastewater all while driving down the road. Factor in the added risks of refrigerators, sleeping quarters, and bathroom facilities and built in ovens or open flame cooking and what could possibly go wrong?

Coverage needs to be specialized for these specialized units.

Your coverage should include:

  • Liability insurance when the Motor Home is parked and used as a residence
  • Attached accessories like awnings, antennas, roof top air conditions and satellite dishes
  • Cover expenses for lodging or traveling home if you can’t stay in your Motor Home because of a claim
  • Coverage for personal belongings you are traveling with

Another great optional coverage to ask for is Total Loss Replacement coverage to protect you from the effects of depreciation. In the event that a new-model Recreational Vehicle is damaged beyond repair within its first five model years, and you are the original owner, this coverage will pay to replace it with a brand new one of similar kind and quality. This option can save you literally thousands of dollars when compared to other policies that only pay Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the RV at the time it’s destroyed.

Make sure the coverage you obtain is comprehensive.  It should cover losses such as collision, fire, smoke, flood, landslide, hail, windstorm, animals, vandalism, low branches or overhangs, theft and lightning.

For more information on excellent coverage for your Recreational Vehicle, contact Paula Smith Insurance in Clear Lake.