windstorm, hail & hurricane insurance san leon, texasWindstorm, Hurricane and Hail are imminent risks in the Texas Gulf Coast Area.  Most Homeowners Insurance Policies in our first tier counties which include Galveston County and Brazoria County do not include coverage for Windstorm, Hurricane and Hail with their coverage.  This leaves your family’s number one asset and protector completely vulnerable to weather Catastrophe.  Most agents who are familiar with the uniqueness of insuring coastal property would secure this coverage through a State of Texas program called the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, or TWIA as an anagram.

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association will accept home insurance and business risks for the hazard of Windstorm, Hurricane and Hail.  As any government agency, they have an excess of regulations, underwriting rules, compliance issues and they are undertechologized.

Agents who are qualified, licensed, insured and in good standing can apply to secure coverage for a client from the TWIA.  Therefore, most insurance proposals for the Galveston County areas such as League City, Dickinson, Bacliff, Kemah and even parts of Seabrook for coverage of Windstorm, Hurricane and Hail are undoubtedly coming from the same place, the TWIA, where the rate is set literally by the State Legislator every session.  Your coverage, deductible and options could vary the rate but all factors the same, all clients get the same price.

Work with an agent who is familiar with the TWIA program so that you get the right coverage for your Windstorm, Hurricane and Hail coverage.  It’s your biggest risk factor for your home.

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