Perks of Knowing Your Insurance Agent

insurance agent relationshipDo you know those commercials that say they can give you an insurance quote in just ten minutes?  As nice as it sounds to have this task of finding insurance over and done with as quickly as possible, this is not the most helpful way to get insurance when you actually have a claim.  Most people do not find having to search for the right claim coverage they are looking for very enjoyable.  Whether it is home, renters, flood, windstorm, or auto insurance, many people get lost in all of the details.

Though it may seem convenient to quickly enter some information online and get a quote, it often times is not the specific coverage you may need.  It may be more or less than you actually need.  By not taking the easy way out and actually using a real insurance agent, one that you can build a relationship with, you will be less likely to get a headache when you need to file a claim. This is really the whole point of having insurance in the first place—for all of the unexpected life events and having someone you know and trust to help take care of your situation.  

  1. Knowing Your Needs

You will be better off if your insurance agent knows you personally.  They will better be able to evaluate your assets, know the types of concerns that you may face, and will help you to choose the right type of coverage.  Looking for home insurance, flood insurance, and/or windstorm insurance will all vary by region, but having a personal insurance agent to help point you in the right direction, and make sure you have the coverage you actually need is priceless.

  1. Better Planning

When it comes to planning for the future and protecting your family, insurance is a safety net that is necessary to have, especially when we live in a world that has so many unexpected surprises.  It is for this reason that many states (Texas does) require auto/car/motorcycle insurance, as driving is unpredictable, and a fender-bender happens all the time around us.   Your personal insurance agent is there to be your guide, to strategically help you plan and protect your family from great financial stress in these situations.  They do this by providing policies and support that will give you peace of mind for whatever comes your way.

  1. Trust

Building your relationship with your insurance agent will help you build trust.  It is likely that your agent works with other people in your area and knows your community.  Agents pride themselves on offering the proper types of insurance needed for any particular area.  Whether it is storm-damage related insurance, boat insurance, or renters insurance, your agent wants to build a trusting relationship with you, and the community.

  1. Clearer Understanding of Insurance Jargon

Being able to talk with and know your own insurance agent will help you from getting lost in all of the technical industry terms.  An agent can break it down for you to help you understand it—and remember it.  That is, often times, the hardest part—remembering what kind of coverage you have amongst the many different types of policies that are out there.

Insurance is all about keeping your family protected from life’s surprises.  Having an insurance agent who knows the needs of you and your family is a strategic way of purchasing an insurance policy.  Auto insurance, windstorm insurance, renters insurance, homeowners insurance…you name it and it is out there.  The best way to know what you need is to ask a local agent, like Paula Smith Insurance, as we work in the industry and with clients all the time.  We see the needs of individuals and the community more than anyone else.  Trust the experts, trust us, and you will have a better understanding of what you may need, and a better understanding of what kind of insurance you have.

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