Privacy Policy

This is a short notice to explain the online practices utilized by this site. This policy statement is available on the menu and is easy to locate.

In an effort to safeguard and protect our clients information:

  • WE NEVER: Leave documents with customer information unattended
  • WE NEVER: Place documents with customer information in common trash bins
  • WE NEVER: Send information via email outside of protocol
  • WE NEVER: Discuss confidential information in public places
  • WE NEVER: Allow persons unknown to us to follow into restricted areas of the office
  • WE NEVER: Leave laptops unprotected

There may be cookie tracking in use to track and measure traffic.  Tracking may include the logging of the IP address used to access this site, again, for traffic analysis purposes. Cookies may also be used for tracking. Other than IP address and cookies, no personal information is logged that would be identifiable to any purpose.

The contents of this statement may be expanded in the future.