How to Be Safe This Holiday Season

enjoy your holidays without the extra issues by being safe this ChristmasThe holidays bring a certain image to mind. It probably involves eggnog and presents and enjoying a few delicious baked goods. However, there is one essential component to the holidays that could be easy to overlook even though it is arguably the most important: safety. Are you curious about how to prioritize that without ruining the holiday vibe? It isn’t as hard as you might think!

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Texas “Winter” Precautions to Review for your Home

Take precautions during winter with heaters and fireplacesAs the “colder” Texas months approach (and I use that term loosely) it’s important that we stay warm. The blazing hot summer has passed, so our air conditioning units now have a much needed reprieve from the overtime they have had to work and we begin to enjoy our cooling weather, pumpkin spices and changing leaves, or rather falling leaves since there isn’t much color in this area.  However, seeing that winter is the leading time of year for house fires, let’s tend to a few small details before we kick back and enjoy the changing weather.

Fireplaces add a mystique and ambience to a room that is hard to compete with. I personally enjoy mine on a regular basis during the colder months of our Texas year. There are 3 golden rules for safely using your fireplace during the winter months.

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