The Best 4 Tips to Protect Your Home

You are most vulnerable and unaware of your surroundings at home, take the extra steps to be safe & secureYou deserve to have your home as safe as possible. You might know about basic protection options for your home’s best interest, but are you doing everything you can? Below, there are 4 tips to help you do everything within your power to protect your home from as many threats as possible.

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Why Is The New Year A Great Time to Reassess Insurance?

Review your insurance as you may have had changes that need to be discussed with your insurance agentThere are so many things that are exciting about the New Year. One of the things that is the most exciting is the fact that you get to start fresh with new resolutions, plans, and goals. Why not start fresh with your insurance policy, too? This is most likely not the first time that you’ve heard this advice, so let’s answer this question: why?

Below are some of the best reasons why the turn of the calendar is also the perfect time to reassess your insurance needs.

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Your Recreation Vehicle Check List

TCheck your RV thoroughly before taking it out for the summmerhe season for all of those fun recreational vehicles has arrived! As you make your plans and start to plan out exactly where you want to go with your loved ones, there’s never been a better time to add safety and security to your to-do list. Since we have waited so long to get out and enjoy those summer adventures, start out right with a few crucial details so that you don’t have to fret about it later. Are you ready to take a look at just what that means for your various recreational vehicles? Keep reading!

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The Value of an Insurance Review

Get a review from your insurance agent to be sure your family is properly protectedWith as much chaos as there is in our lives, something is bound to slip through the cracks.  One of the most common victims is going over paperwork to ensure that everything is in order.  However, making sure that everything is, indeed, in order and up to date is essential, especially with something as necessary as insurance.  To keep yourself on track, take a moment to learn about the value of an insurance review.

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Jewelry, Watches and Furs, Oh My!

cover your valuables like jewelry and watchesCoverage for Jewelry Watches and Furs is limited on the Texas Homeowners policy.  Most standard policies only cover $500.00 for the Theft of these items.

If the entire house burns down, all your items are covered subject to the terms of the policy like contents limits.  However, for Theft Only you should purchase additional coverage if you have lots of jewelry, expensive watches or even furs.  You can extend or endorse your coverage to up to $5,000.00 for the theft of these items stolen from your home.

If you have one piece of jewelry you are particularly concerned about, you might want to look into a Jewelry Floater.  A Jewelry Floater covers one specific piece of jewelry, for example, a wedding ring.  The advantage of a floater is the coverage is All Risk of physical loss.  So if you lose a stone, break a clasp or drop it down the sink, the policy will cover that item for the amount it is insured for.

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