How to Be Safe This Holiday Season

enjoy your holidays without the extra issues by being safe this ChristmasThe holidays bring a certain image to mind. It probably involves eggnog and presents and enjoying a few delicious baked goods. However, there is one essential component to the holidays that could be easy to overlook even though it is arguably the most important: safety. Are you curious about how to prioritize that without ruining the holiday vibe? It isn’t as hard as you might think!

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Avoid Distracted Driving or Pay the Price

Give 100 percent of your attention to driving to decrease the likelihood of an accident while drivingEvery time you get behind the wheel, you take a risk of putting yourself or your car riders in danger.  The same goes for those in other cars on the road.  While this isn’t a very common way to state things, it is a very real thing to remember.  This is all to say that distracted driving is real and can cause serious, permanent damage or harm to you and all those around you.  There is a reason why distracted driving carries such heavy fines, after all!

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Insurance is Only One of Four Methods to Manage Risk

Building blocks of managing riskBuying insurance only covers a portion of the risk management puzzle.  There are actually four methods in which to manage risk.

The four methods to manage risk are avoidance, reduction, transfer and retention.

Avoidance is the removal of the potential exposure or Hazard. An example is homeowner liability claims from dog bites. If you don’t want to be sued from your dog biting someone, then manage the dog to avoid the risk.

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