The Best 4 Tips to Protect Your Home

You are most vulnerable and unaware of your surroundings at home, take the extra steps to be safe & secureYou deserve to have your home as safe as possible. You might know about basic protection options for your home’s best interest, but are you doing everything you can? Below, there are 4 tips to help you do everything within your power to protect your home from as many threats as possible.

1 – Make it seem like someone is always at home

Robbers and thieves often will “case” your home before choosing how, where, and when to enter it to steal your possessions. So, the best way to keep them from learning when the best time is to break in, make it clear that there is no good time! If you make it appear as though someone is always home, they won’t find the risk worthwhile. You can do this through light timers, automatic blind/curtain pulls, and more. If you vary the “schedule” of these automatic functions each day, this helps keep up the illusion.

2 – Get to know your neighbors

Good neighbors are going to be wonderful watchers for your home and property.  If you make an effort to be friendly and on a first-name basis with everyone around you, it’ll make a difference to what they tell you about, should something suspicious ever happen around your home. Make sure to exchange phone numbers and always pay them the respect of watching out for their home and property, too!  Keeping an eye out helps to keep lurkers out of the neighborhood, not just your home.

3 – Enjoy “just in case” insurance

There are different kinds of protection that you can get for your home and outbuildings. If you are concerned about vandalism or theft, take some time to chat with your insurance agent about the different kinds of insurance you can have.  Homeowners insurance is the basic necessity to having a home, to protect your largest investment.  Be sure to understand your home insurance so you know what is covered, and what is not.  Speaking of, floods, are not covered, so you need to be sure you take a look at flood insurance, especially living in the Galveston Country bay area.

4 – Check your perimeter regularly

As you can guess, windows and doors are going to be the weakest points of your home. At least once a month, walk around your home exteriorly and take a look at the different points of entry to make sure the locks still work and there are no weak points where anyone can get access to your home.

Don’t forget to check out the garage doors since any connection point to your home is a possible access point! If you are concerned about locks, bring in a qualified locksmith or other professional to give you an expert opinion. These locks and other latches (such as window latches) are literally what stands between your home and a potential vandal, so it’s well worth the investment!

A safe home is a happy home

You’ve probably heard this expression in a lot of spaces and with good reason. In all senses of the word, the best home is going to start with one key component: safety. When it comes to safeguarding from vandals and others, do your part to keep your home cozy and comfortable every single day. It just goes to show that small changes really do make a big difference! You are the most vulnerable in your home, so it really is important to be sure it is safe and secure!

If you’re ready to increase your security even more, talk to your insurance agent.  Sure, we can’t come to your house and do a walk through, but we can share some local tips that works for others as well as be sure your home is protected by a quality home insurance policy. Contact Paula Smith Insurance at (281) 488-8880 with any and all questions about your insurance needs. We look forward to it.