The Value of an Insurance Review

Get a review from your insurance agent to be sure your family is properly protectedWith as much chaos as there is in our lives, something is bound to slip through the cracks.  One of the most common victims is going over paperwork to ensure that everything is in order.  However, making sure that everything is, indeed, in order and up to date is essential, especially with something as necessary as insurance.  To keep yourself on track, take a moment to learn about the value of an insurance review.

What is an insurance review?

It’s exactly what it sounds like!  An opportunity to sit down with your insurance agent and talk about your insurance policy.  You’ll be able to go over what you’re covered for, what you’re not, and whether or not you should make any changes.

One of the biggest benefits of considering an insurance review is simply being familiar with what you’ve already got going for you.  The more you know, the better you can protect yourself!

Why should I look at getting a review?

There are a number of reasons that you should strongly consider getting an insurance review.  Some of the most common ones are below.  Are any of them a match for you?

Have you renovated or updated your home at all?

Whether it’s a bathroom addition, a kitchen remodel, or a basement renovation, significant changes to your home’s design may mean that your insurance will change too!  In some cases, it may mean a break in your premiums (for example, updating your windows and doors).  In other cases, it could mean an increase in rates (adding a bathroom or a bedroom).  Any time you’ve had a change to your home, double-check that your protection is still adequate!

Do you need additional coverage?

This could be coverage for new possessions (such as fine art or a car) or even a new addition to your family, such as a partner or a baby.  These big changes are options for upgrading or adjusting your insurance to ensure that all of these new items or people are covered under your policy for home or auto!

Do you have teenagers?

As soon as they hit that age, the first thing that teens want to do is drive.  This changes your insurance policy to add them on, and they can even need additional coverage once they graduate to a full license and even get their own vehicle.  Any time you have new drivers and/or new cars to match, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right auto policy in place.

Plus, after graduation, then there is college and new obstacles to deal with like insurance changes for while they are away, or rental insurance for in the dorm, and etc.

Has your home’s value been reassessed?

Every so many years, homes are reassessed for value.  If the value of your home goes up or down, you can adjust your insurance to match.  After all, the rates are set based partially on the value of your home.  Make sure they match!

If any of these, or some other ideas that it brings up, are relevant to your life, then it might be a good idea to consider giving your insurance agent a call.  Even if you end up changing nothing, for whatever reason, it’s a good nice to have that peace of mind knowing that you’ve got proper protection in place for your home, car, and family members.

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