Why Is The New Year A Great Time to Reassess Insurance?

Review your insurance as you may have had changes that need to be discussed with your insurance agentThere are so many things that are exciting about the New Year. One of the things that is the most exciting is the fact that you get to start fresh with new resolutions, plans, and goals. Why not start fresh with your insurance policy, too? This is most likely not the first time that you’ve heard this advice, so let’s answer this question: why?

Below are some of the best reasons why the turn of the calendar is also the perfect time to reassess your insurance needs.

You got spoiled this holiday season

If you were lucky enough to get some new keepsakes this holiday season, you’ll want to add them to your policy! For example, fine jewelry, high-end art or paintings, and furs are a few to note. All of these should be added for additional coverage so that you can know they are protected in case of damage, loss during a fire, and more. This can offer great peace of mind.

You changed your household situation

When a new year begins, typically open enrollment time for insurance so you may have changes to your household as well.  If this is the case for your household, it’s a good opportunity to change that in your insurance policy. Whether that’s a change in marital status or adding a new little one, these big life changes should be reflected in your policy. Even if these changes are hard to face, such as a death in the family, it is important to update.

The market has changed your home value

If you’ve gone a while without your home’s value assessed, the new year is a good time to have that done, too. This can give you accurate details and updates, making your policy more accurate. Plus, getting this kind of information can help you know what you’re dealing with if you need to put in a claim in the upcoming year. Not to mention we all usually get a tax assessment noting some increases to our taxable value.

You’ve got the right frame of mind

How many of us think or say, “new year, new me”? The fresh year stretching ahead of us is a great way to keep a positive frame of mind. While you’re in this state, try to also use it for your insurance policies. It will give you a high, too, to know that everything is fresh and up-to-date.

How can I reassess my insurance?

If this sounds more and more like something you want to do, the time is now. You can reassess your policy or policies by calling your agent. One of the advantages of having a local agent is that you can sit down in person and have a chat about it if you want. It can make this important task stress-free and quick. Not to mention, they live here and know what you face as well. This is definitely an advantage over someone on the other end of a 1-800#.

There is nothing but possibility waiting for you in the future to come. Help yourself get off to the right start by taking care of these important household tasks sooner rather than later. It’ll feel good to get it checked off your list, and it’ll also be a valuable way to get up to date on your various insurance policies!

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