Your Recreation Vehicle Check List

TCheck your RV thoroughly before taking it out for the summmerhe season for all of those fun recreational vehicles has arrived! As you make your plans and start to plan out exactly where you want to go with your loved ones, there’s never been a better time to add safety and security to your to-do list. Since we have waited so long to get out and enjoy those summer adventures, start out right with a few crucial details so that you don’t have to fret about it later. Are you ready to take a look at just what that means for your various recreational vehicles? Keep reading!

Check all fluid levels

Since your vehicle may have been sitting for months without being used, you’ll need to check and possibly replenish your fluids. This could be motor oil, steering oil, and anything else that is liquid and required for your vehicle to run properly. At the very least, check those levels. Replenish what needs to be done, or even consider flushing the lines and replacing them with all new fluids.

Take a closer look at connections and joints

This may take a bit of time and experience, but it’s worth it. Check the bearings and any other joints of your vehicles so that you can see if everything is in good shape. Also, check shocks, and anything else that is used to cushion rough terrain, etc. These are both responsible for comfort and safety when you’re out and about!

Replace your oil

Technically this could be included in the fluids above, but it’s important enough to state here. Oil can easily gum up your machine if it’s been sitting too long, so focus on replacing that for all of your vehicles!

Refill & check your tires

This is fast and simple, yet it really helps prolong the life of your tires. Since no one wants to deal with a flat or a puncture when you’re out for a joy ride, take a few minutes to refill your tires and check their pressure! Might not be a bad idea to check your spare tire and consider adding a patch kit and/or purchase one of those battery operated tire inflator tools to your travel packing must haves.

Give the battery some juice

Even the best batteries may need some TLC to get going again after sitting in storage for periods of time. Jumpstart your battery if you need to, and let it run long enough to really get a good charge in. Don’t forget to bring a portable battery charger with you, just in case!

Double-check your insurance

This is one of those little details that many people forget about, but it’s important to keep your season fun and as protected as possible. Double-check that your insurance policies for each vehicle are current, and take a moment to understand what your coverage is for each one, too. When in doubt, get in touch with your local insurance agent so that you can get the details you need for your protection.

With all of this information to guide you, you’ll be well on your way to preparing for an exciting, energizing, and fulfilling adventure with all of your recreational vehicles. It just goes to show that a little bit of time spent in preparation is going to give you some great results that prioritize ease and fun!

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